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ProExtender Review

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ProExtender is a safe and effective penis traction device that aims to improve your member’s length and size.

It acts as an adjustable extender fastened around the glans or penis tip and the base.

ProExtender provides a constant and gentle stretch to encourage tissue and muscle growth.

ProExtender claims to have multiple benefits and advantages that are not seen in their competitors.

In this review of the product, we will verify its legitimacy and whether it is truly effective or not.

This will help your decision in choosing the best penis extender in the market.

What Is Penile Traction Therapy?

Penile traction therapy or PTT refers to a method of correcting penis features using a traction device.

A traction device is any mechanism that is installed on both the penis base and tip to aid in giving it a gentle and even stretch.

Penile Traction Therapy requires wearing a traction device for a set amount of hours daily.

Over the years, this method has proven to be effective in increasing penis size around the world.

Apart from penis lengthening, it can also help against Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s is a condition that causes the penis to curve due to internal scarring.

With frequent use of a trusted traction device, the angle of curvature can be reduced and straightened. It is can also stretch the penis opposite to the curve.

ProExtender is a traction device trusted by many doctors around the world as a penis booster or angle corrector.

It has satisfied many clients in the past, and it is one of the best choices for PTT. It claims to improve your penis with just 3 to 6 months of use. 

How ProExtender Works

ProExtender works similar to traditional ways of enlarging certain body parts through the use of traction.

ProExtender Review

This can be seen in various tribes and cultures around the world, where they wear earrings to enlarge earholes, wood plates to boost lip growth, and crutches to increase limb length.

In modern times, it was found out that using traction devices leads to the expansion of muscle and tissue cells. This expansion is permanent and cannot be reverted.

European medical practitioners sought a way to use the concept of traction effectively. They aimed to develop a device that can enhance penis features in a pain-free and efficient manner.

After years of research, ProExtender was developed. It was tested several times and even presented at an international journal in Barcelona, Spain.

With the help of urine specialists, sex health experts, and cosmetic surgeons, this wonder product became available to the market.

 Since its development in Denmark, it has provided a natural and non-harmful method to aid in tissue cell replication and multiplication.

This results in a gradual increase in girth, length, and penis size.

However, there is a need to exercise commitment when using the device. ProExtender should be used daily.

Benefits of ProExtender

Here are the rewards of using ProExtender:

Longer and Thicker Penis

Wearing ProExtender regularly results in growth in penis length and girth.

In a research conducted by the company, 8 weeks of usage at 12 hours a day resulted in 17%. 16 weeks resulted in 21%, while 20 weeks had 25% and 24 weeks tallied 29%.

Furthermore, the erect increase was tallied at an average of 1.1 inches, and the flaccid was at 0.75 inches.

The experiment used a 1200g traction force device.

Better Orgasms

Increasing muscle and tissue replication has a positive effect on blood circulation. This helps in greatly improving orgasms in the long run.

With the regular use of ProExtender, any man can achieve longer and more satisfying climaxes that their sexual partner will also enjoy.

Natural Growth

Unlike other procedures which use chemical treatment and even invasive surgery, the ProExtender uses natural cell replication to induce growth.

This means that it is a very safe way to enhance penis-size.

Not only that, but ProExtender was also researched to be completely comfortable to wear. It even has several comfort pads and elastic parts to help in providing a non-hazardous stretch.

Confidence Boost

ProExtender also has a positive psychological effect on men who use it.

As they see their member growing in size and length, they will get a confidence boost which will enable them to see the world in a different light.

This self-esteem enhancement allows users to do things that they could not accomplish before and even try new sexual experiences that were not possible.

Realistic and Visible Results

The ProExtender has many positive reviews from doctors, clients, and even medical establishments.

This makes it a very reliable device that you will surely love. It is also backed up by intensive research and scientific methods.

Every single benefit presented in using ProExtender will surely be experienced by everyone who uses it.

What’s Included in the ProExtender Package?

These are the different parts included in the ProExtender package:

  • ProExtender System Device – serves as the main ProExtender mechanism. It involves a ring attached to the base of the penis, and it is where the elongation bars are attached.
  • Various Elongation Bars – helps in providing gentle stretch by providing support to the shaft. It comes in various lengths for adjusting purposes.
  • Comfort Strap – used to adjust the total force that is applied by the device. It comes with springs and a belt component.
  • Silicon Tube Strap – holds the glans in place. It also ensures comfort by providing a soft grip on the tip.
  • Carrying Box– for portability of the device in case of out-of-town activities.

Other packages such as the Deluxe Plans will include add-ons such as supplements. However, the mentioned parts in the section above are what keeps the ProExtender running.

How to Use ProExtender

First, you need to choose an elongated bar that is longer than your normal size. You should then install the said bar in the main system.

Second, you must attach the silicone tube to the gap of your penis head or tip. If you are not circumcised, make sure to insert it just behind the glans.

Third, raise the device and place the ends of the silicone tube on the underside part of the penis to secure it.

You can fine-tune the screws located on the elongated bar to select the most comfortable traction.

There are two screws, one for each bar, and you should adjust them together to ensure that the device is straight and not bent.

You will see three carved marks on the bars. These indicate a traction force of 900, 1200, and 1500g, respectively.

Do not overdo it by selecting the maximum force on your first try. Take it slowly and give your penis some time to adjust.

Increasing the traction force every three weeks is recommended by the company.

A user can wear the device comfortably as it adjusts to your movements.

Just make sure to overlay it with loose pants or shorts. It can be worn for 3 to 12 hours, which means that you can also use it during work, transport, or at home when you are relaxing.

Take a mental note of the comfortability, and make sure to remove the device or reduce traction force when pain appears.

Take note not to use the device while sleeping, as sudden hard movements can harm you. You should not also use it during straining physical activity such as cardio and weightlifting.

Where Can I Order ProExtender?

ProExtender can only be bought on its site. Each package has its price and cost, so only pick the package you think will greatly help you. You can also ask their sales representative regarding several features and benefits of the product.

Other sites also sell ProExtender but remember that risk comes from buying in them. It is better to use the official site for transactions for you to get products that are legitimate and fair. 

Why ProExtender Is Legit

ProExtender is an effective extender with tons of credibility. It is loved by men all over the world. There are some reasons why you should buy it:

  • Trusted for 20 years. ProExtender has been in the market for nearly two decades. It has established a positive reputation amongst its competitors.
  • Safe and comfortable. Unlike other devices which bring more harm than advantages, ProExtender is researched for maximum comfort.
  • Benefits you and your partner. ProExtender does not only benefit you, but it also gives your sexual partner additional pleasure. This means better performance in bed and sex life in general.

Because of these points, ProExtender is trustworthy and efficient in doing its job. There is no need to hesitate when ordering the product.

Final Thoughts

ProExtender is a legitimate and verified product that is approved to improve penis length and girth.

It has several advantages and perks that set it aside from other extenders in the market. Because of this, it has steadily gained popularity in the market for the last 20 years.

I recommend the purchase of ProExtender for anyone who seeks a safe method in improving size.

There is more to gain and none to lose when using this product. With ProExtender, you will have a confidence-boost as you see visible results.

ProExtender Reviews

ProExtender Review – September 14, 2019 (5 Stars)

I am aged 40, and I lost all hope of gaining additional length and girth. However, ProExtender revitalized my youth and helped me achieved results I never thought were possible. Hands down to this amazing team!

Review from Cade.

ProExtender Review – December 5, 2019 (5 Stars)

I’ve been using it for a month now, and I have already noticed around .4 inches of growth not only on my length but also on girth. I think this is the best lengthening device out there since it is easy to use and does not cause pain. I recommend this for everyone who wants to increase size.

Review from Manfred.  

ProExtender Review – January 13, 2020 (5 Stars)

I love this product since it comes with a comfort strap and silicon tube, which maximize usability. On other extenders, my penis hurts when I use them for a long time, but this is not the case for this device. It has helped me in my insecurities!

Review from Stanley. 

ProExtender Review – May 8, 2020 (5 Stars)

Apart from enhancing my length and size, I also experienced a massive boost in self-esteem and confidence. I used to be very conscious about my size, to the point where I avoid sexual activities. These all changed when I used ProExtender since I was able to gain a full inch with just a month of regular use for 5 hours a day. I will always be thankful for this product.

Review from Bert.

 ProExtender Review – June 17, 2020 (5 Stars)

I used many chemical-based enlargement pills back in the day. They always affected my body as I was sensitive to some ingredients. However, I never experienced such occurrence when using the ProExtender since it uses natural methods for growth. My wife also loves the product!

Review from Edwin.  

ProExtender Review – September 5, 2020 (4 Stars)

The best part of the product is that it comes with a handy carrying device. This makes it very easy to transport and bring into trips. As someone who goes into a lot of business places, I find this very pleasing. I’m also recommending ProExtender to my friends!

Review from Hans. 

ProExtender Review – September 25, 2020 (3 Stars)

I always hurt myself when using ProExtender; maybe it’s how I install the device. I hope I find a solution to this.

UPDATE: I realized that I’ve been using the device in the wrong way! As I reviewed the instructions, they were easy to follow, and I missed a certain section regarding the safe application.

Review from Les.

ProExtender Review – February 17, 2021 (2 Stars)

Delivery was a bit delayed, but it came through. The package was also anonymous. I haven’t tried the device yet, and I am still doubtful of its operation. I will return to this review once I have used it for a while. I am hoping for visible results! I will increase stars if I find it effective.

Review from Stanley.