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SizeGenetics Review

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SizeGenetics is a physical penile traction device created to stretch and extend your penis size.

It is a product that uses Multi-Directional Aligning technology to optimize your penis’ angle, ensure comfort, and even straighten it.

SizeGenetics is approved by the FDA as a type 1 Medical Device, making it safe for use.

Many people are enjoying the benefits of SizeGenetics in their daily lives.

In this review, we will take a look at whether this product is legitimate or not. We will also examine its pros, cons, instructions, and ordering method.

What Are Traction Devices?

Traction devices belong to a family of gizmos called penis stretchers.

The primary purpose of a traction device is to stretch or extend the tissues in the penis to attempt to increase girth and length.

Using traction devices will have the same effect as an enlargement surgery. However, it is a better method since the risks are lower, and the cost is cheaper.

Over the years, many studies have proven the effectiveness of such products, with reports even reaching up to 1 inch of improvement in just a month.

Inappropriate use of a traction device may cause more harm than benefit. Thus, you need to learn the proper way of using the device.

You should only purchase trusted extenders in the market, especially those with positive reviews that are medically approved.

How It Works

According to the site, SizeGenetics works like a weight trainer. It improves and encourages lengthening through the creation of tissue tears and cell replication along with the muscles in the penis.


Similar to a workout routine, the tissues become larger and sturdier once the tears heal, resulting in better blood storage.

Attaching the SizeGenetics device is very easy.

Once it is integrated into your penis, a steady and relaxed stretch is provided across the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the part responsible for erection.

This will result in the Cavernosa pulling away and initiating a cell healing cycle where new tissues are generated.

Over time, your penis will experience growth and better erections as blood capacity also improve.

SizeGenetics provides around 2800 grams of tension force which is 50% more than its competitors.

This allows faster and more efficient results—no need to worry about health risks, as SizeGenetics is reliable, painless, and medically reviewed.

Benefits of SizeGenetics

Here are the advantages of using SizeGenetics:

Fixes Peyronies Syndrome

Peyronies, or bent penis syndrome, is a medical condition that results in a visible curvature of the penis. It is caused by the scarring of tissues and can cause severe inconveniences during sex.

In some cases, Peyronies might even lead to a loss of confidence and increased stress.

SizeGenetics can help in fixing this deformity, and it has satisfied many customers over the years. The gentle stretch coming from the device will provide angular correction in a pain-free way.

Safe and Chemical-free Method

Other penis extension methods include the intake of several pills to help in improving length.

This is not the case for SizeGenetics, as it can effectively enlarge the penis through a physical device.

This means that side effects are non-existent when using the product. 

Scientifically Approved

SizeGenetics was created and designed by professional biologists, doctors, and human kinetics specialists for maximum effectiveness.

This device has passed multiple clinical trials and is backed by decades of research.

Not only that, but it has also gained approval and credibility through countless testimonies from happy clients around the world.

Comfortable and Easy to Wear
Unlike other penis extenders in the market, SizeGenetics is very comfortable to install.

It includes several anti-slip and protection pads to prevent pain. Also, it is fully adjustable to cater to different penis sizes.

This means that everyone has a chance to enlarge their penis no matter their physiology.

Increase Length

The main benefit of using SizeGenetics is that it greatly enhances your penis length and girth.

Many people have experienced the joy of seeing visible results in just one to three months of use.

Not only that, but it is also very safe as it involves no invasive procedures such as surgery or chemical intake.

What’s Included in the Package?

These are the inclusions of the “Value” Package priced at $200:

  • SizeGenetics Device – the main device responsible for the stretching process. It is where you insert your penis.
  • Product Case – for storage and safety purposes of the device.
  • Dual Function Front Piece
  • Comfort Strap – helps in reducing strains when using the device.
  • Protection Pad – a soft material to assist the device when touching your penis
  • Elongation Bars – adjustable bars which can vary depending on your size and length
  • Quick Start Guide – contains all the necessary information to start using SizeGenetics
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee form.

Other packages, such as the “Comfort” and “Curvature” packages, have additions such as Key sets, 3M Comfort Plasters, Silicon Tubes, and Gauze. They are priced higher at $250 and $300, respectively.

How to Use SizeGenetics?

To see visible results while using SizeGenetics, dedication and commitment are necessary.

You must remember that the more you utilize the extender, the more the effects will reveal themselves. The site recommends at least 4 to 8 hours of use daily for optimal results.

It is very safe to use the device for 2 hours, then rest for 15 minutes, and use it again until the recommended total time is reached.

However, busy men may not be able to achieve such an operation due to work or other activities.

In such cases, you can reduce the time to only 2 to 4 hours per day. Bear in mind that the results will be lesser if you limit usage.

Once you have achieved your desired length or size, you can stop using the device.

It is recommended to set a cooldown period in which you gradually reduce wearing times to ensure that you do not lose the length that you have worked on.

Do not forget to measure and track your progress every month for proof!

Safety Procedures

To ensure safety when using the device, there are some things that you can do as an owner.

The first is to ensure that a comfort pad is included in the package. This will significantly help in reducing painful hazards on SizeGenetics.

The second is to guarantee that the product fits you perfectly. If you make it too loose or too tight, inconveniences might appear.

You also need to remember to take it slow and easy. Never exceed more than 5 hours during your first try. Taking breaks within an hour or two of usage will also be very beneficial.

Avoid utilizing the extender during sleep. You may twist and turn in your bed, which may lead to serious injury. Always pay attention to the status of the extender when you are using it.

Never forget to take some time to let the tissues heal and restore themselves.

This helps in more efficient growth and enlargement. Lastly, remember to eat properly and exercise regularly for the best results.

Where Can I Order SizeGenetics?

You can order SizeGenetics at their official site. This is the best place to order since you get big discounts and bonuses upon purchase.

Not only that, but they also provide a confidential and secure checkout system through PayPal or other payment options.

Yes, you can also order from external sites, but you will not get the best benefit out of your purchase. You will even have a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

There will be other sellers on Amazon or eBay, but the company strongly recommends avoiding ordering in such places since you could receive fakes.

Why SizeGenetics Is Legit

SizeGenetics is a legitimate product for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Proven and tested by science. The product was created with medical support and scientific research. It is a formula proven to be effective by doctors and biologists. Even FDA certified it as a Type 1 Medical Device.
  • Satisfactory reviews by users. Over the internet and even on YouTube, you will find several testimonies which give SizeGenetics credibility. These are real reviews created by real people who experienced its benefits.
  • Money-back guarantee. This feature of the product means that the company is very confident in its capabilities. If you are not happy with the results, you can always return them to them.

SizeGenetics boasts many advantages over its competitors. It is one of the most trending extenders in the market, and more people are attesting to its effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to increase your length and girth in a very safe and affordable way, then the SizeGenetics extender is for you.

As a Type 1 Medically Certified device, it is sure to boost not only your size but also your confidence as a man.

As long as you buy the product from the official site, you are good to go.

Remember that it takes time and dedication to see results, and you must be willing to integrate the product into your daily routine.

SizeGenetics Reviews

SizeGenetics Review – June 6, 2022 (5 Stars)

I began using your traction device last February. Of course, I took time to measure it, and I found out that it is sized at 6 inches. After using the device for a month, I quickly noticed an improvement in blood circulation. Using the device every day for 4 months, I noticed a gain of 1 inch during erection! I am pleased with this, and I will continue to wear it regularly – Pete

SizeGenetics Review – April 5, 2022 (5 Stars)

I have been using this traction device for 4 months, and I am always awestruck by the improvement. Even my partner noticed the changes, and she is happy about the new length. Since I started the program, my first measurements were 4.4 inches in length and 4.3 inches of girth. Now, I have a length of 6 and a half inches and a girth of 5 – Jon 

SizeGenetics Review – January 27, 2022 (5 Stars)

At 30 years old, I always felt like my erection size was not that big. I have tried many devices over the years and came across SizeGenetics. After using it for some time, I noticed harder and longer erections, as well as an improvement in orgasms – Jim           

SizeGenetics Review – December 19, 2021 (5 Stars)

Ever since I used SizeGenetics, I never had difficulties since it is very comfortable. Not once did I experience any sort of inconvenience and pain. I am very excited about the growth that it is giving me! Anyone who doubts SizeGenetics should give it a chance since it is very effective! – Chris 

SizeGenetics Review – November 11, 2021 (5 Stars)

I quickly noticed a growth of ½ inch even after just two weeks of usage. I decided to push through with using the device even if that rate of growth did not remain. However, I checked the site and started to see the recommended average growth according to their studies. After 4 months, I measured a whole inch! – Richard 

SizeGenetics Review – October 5, 2021 (4 Stars)

The delivery was a bit late, which was understandable since we had a storm in the countryside. However, the package came anonymously, and I am now enjoying its benefits. Even my wife is beginning to see changes in my body! – Chuck 

SizeGenetics Review – February 23, 2021 (3 Stars)

I am not seeing too much growth in terms of size, and I have been contacting customer care about it. I hope I reach them. UPDATE: It turns out that I have been using the product wrong! I installed parts that were not fit to my size, and they helped me identify the problems. Thank you! – Stan

SizeGenetics Review – January 9, 2020 (2 Stars)

I am disappointed not to see explosive growth. I only use the product for 30 minutes a day, and I have not seen any improvement at all. I wonder what’s wrong – Bruce