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Turmeric and Impotence

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Also known as Indian Saffron (1) or Curcuma longa, Turmeric is a root plant that is native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the ginger family.

Historically, it is used in both traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicinal practices to aid in skin disorders, joint problems, digestive issues, depression, arthritis, and respiratory issues (2), and there is ongoing research into Turmeric and impotence.

Turmeric is commonly made into a spice, with the active ingredient being Curcumin, which is the component that gives it a vibrant golden-yellow hue.

What Do We Know About Turmeric’s Active Ingredient: Curcumin?

Turmeric’s active ingredient, Curcumin, is also known as diferuloylmethane and is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in the Turmeric plant.

As a polyphenol, it targets multiple signaling molecules and works at the cellular level to support physical health (3).  This is why it is used in many Eastern countries for its medicinal properties, as it can help the body with all sorts of issues.

For instance, Curcumin has been shown to:

  • Fight against inflammation in the body (4). Its anti-inflammatory effects are so strong that the proper dosage can match the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs without an onset of adverse side effects.  Curcumin blocks out NF-kB, a molecule that turns on genes that are related to inflammation (5). This helps the body fight against many chronic diseases that come about due to chronic inflammation, such as cancer (6), heart disease, metabolic syndrome (7), and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals that would otherwise run rampant in your body. It can also boost your body’s antioxidant enzymes, leading you to have a better defense against free radical damage (8).
  • It can lower your risk of developing heart disease. Curcumin can improve the function of the endothelium, which is the lining found in your blood vessels (9). This ensures that your endothelium is functioning correctly, regulating blood pressure and blood clotting.
  • It is as effective as antidepressants. According to a study done over six weeks, Curcumin led to similar improvements in depression as that of those who took Prozac for depression (10). Curcumin can also boost serotonin and dopamine and boost BDNF levels, reversing changes in the hippocampus, learning, and memory areas of the brain (11, 12).
  • Curcumin can help prevent and fight against several cancer types. Plus, it can positively impact cancer growth (reduction), development/spread of cancer (reduction), and contribute to cancer cell death (13).

Why are all these benefits important when looking at Turmeric and impotence?

Turmeric can be used to boost your health, which can help lower your risk for adverse conditions that may contribute to the development of impotence. Plus, Turmeric or its active ingredient rather, Curcumin, may be used directly for erectile dysfunction.

The Connection Between Good Health & Impotence 

As noted above, Turmeric can be used to help combat a wide array of problems in the body, including inflammation, chronic stress, mood disorders, and heart conditions.

This is important because when the body is in pain from inflammation and is stressed out chronically, several other health issues can pop up as co-existing, such as mood swings, depression, fatigue, and poor heart health due to lowered immune defenses.

Someone who experiences any of these types of health issues is not going to be able to engage in sex readily if they are too tired, in pain, exhausted, or out of breath all the time. 

Impotence and Turmeric: How It Can Be Used for ED Specifically?

While Turmeric is not an immediate solution for those with impotence because it promotes good physical health at the cellular level, it can help reduce or eliminate multifaceted conditions like heart disease, depression, inflammation, and stress, which all contribute to erectile dysfunction.

By treating these underlying conditions, you may be able to improve your impotence with Turmeric.

Beyond this, one study compared Turmeric with Sildenafil (Viagra) and found that it can enhance erectile function by increasing nitric oxide levels and provide a prolonged duration of action (14) – a higher quality erection.

How Can Turmeric/Curcumin Be Ingested? 

If you are looking to take Turmeric for impotence,  there are generally two ways to go about it.

The first way is with a topical solution, which would be applied directly to the penis. Researchers found that Turmeric and Curcumin can penetrate the upper layers of your skin and remain there for some time.

This can help reduce local inflammation in the penile tissue, allowing the appendage to relax (15). A topical solution may also help with itching, allergies, and skin conditions like aging and acne as an additional benefit.

The second way would be to take it orally as a water-soluble option, as it would help treat other chronic health conditions that have a hand in causing impotence.

Wrapping It Up: A Yes On Turmeric and Impotence?

If you are looking to take Turmeric for impotence, it is essential to note that Turmeric or Curcumin will not replace traditional pharmaceutical medications but can be used to address underlying health problems that increase your risk for impotence.