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ViaBestBuys Review: Everything You Need to Know

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ViaBestBuys has some of the leading generic brands of Viagra and other drugs for treating erectile dysfunction. How this site differs? It only offers the well-known generics, medications well-tested by labs and users.

Erectile dysfunction is a chronic ailment. It is more frequently found these days due to higher stress and longer life expectation. Many older adults would like to have close to normal sexual life. Increasing stress is another common contributing factor to the rise of the condition, especially among younger adults.

There is no doubt that nothing works like PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra or Cialis, and so on. Since Viagra and Cialis can be quite expensive for regular use, generics might be the right option, as they are similar in potency, legal, and approved by the FDA.

ViaBestBuys Review Summary

Below are some of the pros of cons of buying medications for erectile dysfunction from ViaBestBuys:


  • Generics are extensively tested and are equally potent as famous brands like Viagra or Cialis, but they come at a fraction of the price.
  • The most straightforward way of getting prescription drugs is through online platforms.
  • Service is discreet, which may be particularly vital for many men.
  • The better choice, with medications available in most commonly used dosages and variety.
  • Only generics approved by the FDA, thus ensuring both safety and efficacy.
  • Free samples and regular discounts.
  • Many ways to make the payment and even bitcoin is acceptable.


  • Medications bought on this platform are not covered by health insurance.
  • Doubt about quality remains until a person has tried the platform.

Bottom Line

Unlike a decade ago, online platforms are now the primary way to buy medications like generics of Viagra or Cialis. People trust platforms like ViaBestBuys, as it has been working for quite a time. The primary reason to choose ViaBestBuys (or other similar platforms) is still the lower cost, resulting in huge savings.

ViaBestBuys Free Trials and Coupon Codes

One of the biggest reasons for many people not buying Viagra or Cialis online is the lack of trust. People are especially worried about the quality of the product. Those who have never purchased these medications online still doubt that they can get a quality similar to the pharmacy nearby, but at a fraction of cost. Solution? ViaBestBuys has an ongoing offer of a free trial. It means that the buyer only pays for the shipment, and 30 ED-pills (pills to treat erectile dysfunction), are entirely free. Yes, there are no other hidden costs involved. The primary reason for such an offer is that once a person has used these medications, he can trust the platform for its quality offers.

Another common issue with online buying is that many individuals are hesitant to use their credit cards online on such platforms. They have specific genuine reasons to worry about it. ViaBestBuys understand these concerns, and it is one of the few such platforms that accept bitcoins. What is impressive is that a person can save a whopping 25% each time he pays using bitcoins.

ViaBestBuys, unlike other similar platforms, believes in supplying the best quality products at the right amount. It wants its clients should keep coming back, and it is providing a serious reason for that. Discount coupons are regularly available on the platform so that clients can be sure that they can keep getting their monthly supply of Viagra at the right price.

Overview of Popular ED Medications

Almost all ED medications have a similar mode of action. They dilate penile blood vessels, increase local blood flow, and help get a hard erection on sexual stimulation.

Blood vessels in the corpus cavernous of male sexual organs dilate on sexual stimulation, causing increased blood flow, inflating the corpus cavernous, and leading to an erection.  Blood-vessels dilation happens due to the release of cGMP. ED drugs work by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5 and thus preventing the degradation of cGMP. As a result, there is an increased cGMP in the cavernous corpus leading to a prolonged and hard erection (1,2).

ED meds also dilate other blood vessels a bit, and thus they may slightly reduce hypertension. ED meds can also help manage pulmonary hypertension (3). These medications are generally beneficial for premature ejaculation, and they help recover faster and regain confidence.

Although all ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra work similarly, there is a difference between their potency and safety profile. Since Cialis and Levitra are newer medications, they are slightly improved versions of Viagra.

Cialis, unlike Viagra, works for long hours. Viagra contains sildenafil, which starts working in 30 minutes, and its effects may last for as long as 12 hours. However, Cialis, which contains tadalafil, may work up to 36 hours. Cialis has the additional benefit of helping with benign prostate hypertrophy. Additionally, Cialis/tadalafil is also suitable for daily use (once daily), which means that a person is almost always ready (4).

Levitra, which contains vardenafil, is quite similar to Viagra. However, vardenafil is much more potent than sildenafil, which means that it may work in those who did not benefit from Viagra. Dosage of Levitra/vardenafil is also lower than Viagra/sildenafil, which means a better safety profile and lesser side effects (5).

Among these medications, Priligy stands out, as it is an entirely different thing. Priligy contains dapoxetine as an active ingredient and is not for ED treatment but for managing premature ejaculation (PE). PE is the condition in which men fail to last long enough to have an enjoyable sexual act. Priligy/dapoxetine belongs to a class of drugs called anti-depressants, and it helps prevent overexcitement, reduces psychological stress, and thus help men perform better, last longer (6).

How Much Do ViaBestBuys’s ED Pills Cost?

One reason why clients like ViaBestBuys is its much more straightforward approach to the medications’ pricing. The company understands that most people would like to buy these medications in bulk and have a long-term supply. Thus, it has come up with various combo packs and a flat price strategy.

At ViaBestBuys, all ED drugs (generic Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) have the same price; thus, there is no hassle in choosing the right medication. Therefore, a 300-pill pack of any of the above medicines costs just $249, and 500 pills pack costs $399. Of course, there are other buying options, like buying in smaller quantities, combo packs of various tablets. And even a free trial is available for those who do not trust online platforms.

Priligy costs a little higher than ED meds, and thus 300 pills cost $399, and 500 pills cost $599. Additionally, Priligy is available in combination with ED meds. After all, PE often coexists with ED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does ViaBestBuys ship?

ViaBestBuys ships globally, but there are some limitations. Due to local laws, it might not ship to a few countries in the Americas, to Brazil and Mexico. Similarly, in certain Asian countries like Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates may not accept such shipments. It is always better to consult a website before ordering these meds, as global shipment rules and regulations keep changing. Fortunately, things are changing in the right direction, making ViaBestBuys legit and able to ship to most nations.

Is ViaBestBuys legit?

Yes, as attitudes and regulations towards ED drugs are changing fast. In fact, in recent years, ED pills have become non-prescription in many nations. ED is a common problem, and these medications have a long and proven safety record. However, some of the countries still do not want uncontrolled sales of these pills. Thus, although ViaBestBuys is entirely legit, it is essential to learn more about local laws and regulations.

Do ED meds sold on ViaBestBuys as good as those sold on pharmacy?

ViaBestBuys primarily sells generics of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Priligy. It helps lower the cost of the medications without compromising on the quality. To ensure that these medications are as good as those sold on the nearby pharmacy, ViaBestBuys works with only leading brands. These are the brands that have been extensively tested by the FDA, various other regulatory authorities, and by no means are inferior to more expensive brands. Many brands sold on ViaBestBuys like Kamagra are sold in more than 100 nations globally. Each batch of products supplied is thoroughly tested or certified by independent labs.

If ED meds sold on ViaBestBuys are of good quality, why do they cost less than a local pharmacy?

Billions of tablets of ED meds are sold globally. Large scale manufacturing has considerably helped bring down the production costs of these pills. However, local pharmacies are less interested in selling generics, as lower prices also mean lower margins. Additionally, online platforms have much lower running expenses. All this means that end consumers can get high-quality products at an economical price.

Alternative Choices

ViaBestBuys is good, but in some cases, one may need other alternatives for various reasons. One reason could be that others might be able to supply the product, where ViaBestBuys cannot. It occurs due to differences in the logistics setup of the companies. Some people would like to use different suppliers before sticking to one permanent provider. So below are some of the alternatives of ViaBestBuys to consider.

BlueChew.com could be one of the right options. It makes getting ED medication simpler. It does not sell any ED, PE, or other medicines. But what it does is that it connects people with medical consultants so that one can get an appropriate prescription. As one can guess, telemedicine is still not legal in every US state; Thus, this site has its limitations. Regretfully, it is not available in states like Alabama, North Dakota, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Canada, or Internationally.

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Get Started: BlueChew Free Trial

Huge.com is another choice to get a consultation online. For most people living with ED, medical consultation is of little importance, as they know their problem. What people want is easy access to medications, and this website fails to provide that. Nonetheless, it might be the right option for some. This website is only for US residents. It is also not available in some states like Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

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Phoenix.ca is a good source of medical consultation and getting an online prescription for ED drugs in Canada. Like the above platforms, it suffers from the same deficiency that the process is long and complicated, involving multiple steps. Costs of ED pill remains relatively high. This service is only for Ontario, Alberta, and BC.

ViaBestBuys Reviews

So, what is the best way to know if any given site or online platform works as claimed or expected? Most would agree that the most reliable source of information can be reviews left by various genuine users of that particular platform. Here is what ViaBestBuys users say about it:

Most reviews are short and to the point. Thus, Larry Lewis says that he has been using the website for the last 2 years and has found service and products of outstanding quality. Branden Rasmussen says that he is delighted with the purchase and found these pills as a game-changer (Yes, for many first-time users of ED pills, it comes as a surprise that how effective these medications are). Chris, who has been ordering products for the last four years, found that product quality is excellent, shipping is prompt and expected, and customer service is very responsive communication good, and quick response to issues.

John Wallace, who also left a five-star review, says that he was surprised that these pills work “so fast.” He particularly likes chewable Viagra and found shipping to be quite fast. Whereas Silverbullet (pseudonym of the user) found great selection and prices on the website, and customer service always responsive.

Jeff Carpenter, who left a four-star review, says that he dislikes that sometimes he gets his order in a much longer time than expected and may take 3-4 weeks. He is happy about the quality of the products, as he gets precisely what he expects, and customer service is very responsive. He orders 2-3 times a year and has been a customer for more than 5 years.

There are very few complaints about ViaBestBuys. Nonetheless, some were less satisfied with the service. One of the users, Sebastian, says that he did not like the fact that he did not get the dosage he ordered, and it took quite an effort from his side to get the problem rectified.

ViaBestBuys has thousands of satisfied customers. Reviews do confirm that most buyers are very satisfied, though occasional issues occur.


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